Adidas 360° Concept Store

Taking retail, e-commerce and virtual reality to the next level.


Hannah Andersson, Captain of Adidas Runners, welcoming you to the 360° Concept Store

In an industry much focused around exclusives and limited editions, adidas took the chance to show how their new flagship store was not only intended for the chosen few living in Sweden’s capitol Stockholm. Instead they took the opportunity to show that adidas is the go-to destination for any creative trailblazer, wherever they might live.
The result? Europe’s first interactive virtual reality store.

When opening the new flagship store, we wanted to make sure that everyone had the same opportunity to take part, and regardless of where you live, experience the new features and products of the store.

The interactive virtual reality store is an extension of the physical flagship store located in Stockholm, and like the physical store, you are able to explore, interact and buy selected new products directly from the experience.


To make sure you got the best tips and guidance, we worked together with some of Swedens biggest influencers, Hannah Andersson, Hanna Modig, Awa Sey and Kerim Mrbati, all experts within sports and lifestyle.

The 360° Concept Store experience:

The experience is available at


As you enter the experience you are welcomed by Hannah Andersson, followed by a quick explanation of the mechanics.

Hannah leads you from the entrance and further into the store to the Adidas female running department, where you meet up with some of her friends, who are trying on some of the latest products within running. Different “+” (plus) signs appear that let’s you interact and explore the products further, and if you wish, you can hit the “shop” button to buy the products or read more about them.

After a while, Kerim Mrbati, the talented football player from Stockholm, appears in the scene. He wants to show you the new football department where you can explore the absolute latest within football equipment. He even gives you some inside tips on what shoes you should buy to help you become the next big thing on the football pitch.


– A minimum earned media reach of: 17,3 million
– Some of the biggest news sites within lifestyle, fashion and business/e-commerce, picked up the story organically and covered it, including sites such as, Hypebeast, SoleCollector, Fashion Network UK & Business Insider.
– Several influencers and fans around the world posted on social media and started discussions on the future of shopping, e-commerce and virtual reality.

With a minimal to nothing, marketing and pr budget, the experience was a huge success in driving PR and engagement around the opening of the physical store itself, but also in terms of brand recognition and showing how adidas is working within innovation and taking online shopping to the next level.